Dessert first!


This is my yellow kitchen, and a kitchen is primarily about food. So I will start with these lovely cookies. My friend Laura kindly shared her grandmother’s cookie recipe with me once, and I made them for my awesome family. They did not last long, since they taste as good as they look!

At one level, what’s a cookie, but some flour and butter and sugar mixed together? But something happens when we bake this mixture, and the result is so much more than the sum of the parts. I’ve been thinking a lot about multiculturalism and ethnic and religious diversity recently, and these cookies might have something to teach us. We can focus on our differences and lament those areas in which we do not agree. After all, flour is not, and can never be, butter. Or, we can rejoice in those differences and go on to find and celebrate our similarities, and create something stronger and brighter when we learn to live together. After all, a cookie made only from flour, or only from butter, or only from sugar, would not be very good.

And so, Laura’s Nana’s Italian Christmas cookies are proudly baked in my Jewish house, because we don’t all have to be the same to play nicely together.

I’m starting with cookies because, perhaps, if we start with something sweet, we’ll always have something sweet to say to each other.


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