Cloudy with a chance of November

November is not my favourite month, weather-wise. The rich, vibrant colours of October have faded to dull browns, but the city has not yet been coated with fresh white snow, however short that pristine beauty may last. Toronto puts on its winter coat of browns and greys, from the dirty streets to the overcast skies. Traffic starts to get heavier too, as people abandon running shoes and bicycles for cars, and it sometimes feels as if the wild winds will blow you from place to place.  Driving down the streets, at times, only the bright green and red of the traffic lights suggest that the world has not slipped into the realm of black and white movies.

It can be hard to remember that the entire world isn’t descending into greys at this time of year.  It’s also hard to remember that less than a month ago I was in a brightly coloured paradise, with pastel building and brilliant turquoise waters.  I wonder if the people in Bermuda get the November Blahs as well? I would be happy to go on a research mission to find out! But until then, here is something to brighten our chilly fall days: the city of Hamilton, capital of Bermuda, where the world is not grey.



2 thoughts on “Cloudy with a chance of November

  1. Surprise ! So many readers on FB have asked me, over the past year or so, why I don;t post my stuff in a separate blog which is more organized will make it easier for them to search recipes SO thanks to you I started my blog yesterday. It’ll take me years to upload all my FB recipes but hey, who cares (_:
    Hugs !

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