The Cookie Jar

Mission Cookie was a success! Cookies were baked, delivered and consumed, and the recipients seemed happy. Here are some photos, with recipes.

Cappuccino cookies:

The cinnamon chips are hard to find, and I think the overwhelm the other flavours, so I use white chocolate chips in the cookies, and sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top.


My friend Michal’s amazing chocolate-halva cookies:

Do yourself a favour and make these!


Cinnamon cookies:


Ginger snaps with turbinado sugar topping:

I dipped these in raw sugar instead of sprinkles.


Vegan Gluten-Free Cookies with apricot jam:

These are very good! I would make them again, even though none of us have these dietary restrictions. They’re a great choice for someone who can’t have egg, dairy or gluten. I used apricot jam instead of plum jam, because I love apricots.


The final product, all boxed up and ready to give away:



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