After the Storm

The year 2013 decided to go out with bang and not a whimper, as we got hit by a devastating ice storm last weekend. Much of the city lost power, and ours was out for two days. We are fortunate enough to have wonderful friends who invited us to stay with them until our power was restored. I know that not everyone in the city was so lucky.

In the aftermath, we lost three of our fish, and most of the contents of our refrigerator, but right now we are feeling very lucky to be back in our warm home, with a newly refilled fridge. Here are some photographs taken after the storm.

Ice-covered bushes and pine tree near our house



A row of trees in the nearby park


Ice built up on metalwork on a railing


Rose of Sharon, encased in ice


Now, in the bright sunlight, the ice-covered trees look like they are made of crystal. It is stunningly beautiful. Photographs don’t begin to capture how amazing it is.



2 thoughts on “After the Storm

    • Yes, Mother Nature certainly proved herself to be a powerful force. Huge trees were shattered into splinters. The city is recovering, but the damage is amazing. It is beautiful, though, so see everything covered in a layer of ice, and now, snow.

      In all, this has been a good winter to be inside, eating cake and drinking hot chocolate!

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