Robbie Burns Night

Robbie Burns Night is always a great time to get together with friends and enjoy an evening free of our wonderful children! Here are some photos, including one of the famous tartan kippa from New Brunswick. We bought three. We may buy more. Every Jewish house needs tartan kippot! If you missed the haggis recipe, […]

A Wee Dram?

Saturday marks the 255th birthday of the great Scottish poet Robbie Burns, and as such, we are celebrating a Burns Night with a group of friends. Every Burns Night needs three things: good Scotch whisky (single malt, please), incomprehensible poetry, and haggis. What is a haggis? You may be afraid you asked. A traditional haggis […]


Pizza has developed a somewhat undeserved reputation as junk food. Indeed, it can be junk food, if an all-white flour crust is covered with processed tomato sauce, questionable slices of processed meat, and something vaguely resembling cheese. Pizza can also be a gourmet dish, or a delivery mechanism for all sorts of fruits and vegetables, […]

Labaneh – Yogurt Cheese

Labaneh is a traditional Middle Eastern food, made from strained yogurt. It can be served as a spread on pita, as an accompaniment to moujedra, or, as we discovered last week, eaten on injera in place of traditional Ethiopian soft cheeses! The name “labaneh” evokes the white colour of the cheese, since the Hebrew and […]

Ethiopian bread: Injera

I have a friend, a violinst with whom I play frequently, who has a lovely little girl she adopted from Ethiopia. Her family is also vegetarian, and we often talk about food. Naturally, the topic once turned to our forays into Ethiopian cooking, and we thought it would be fun to invite my friend and […]