Spiced squash

We tried this – it’s too delicious not to share. Bravo.

Manat Yerushalmi


A butternut squash eyed me accusingly from the vegetable bin. Intended for a soup, it had proven surplus to requirements and, as often happens in households across the world, seemed destined to end up discarded. I really can’t abide waste and decided that the best thing for it was to pep it up with some tasty spices and roast it. Jamie Oliver has a recipe in his very first Naked Chef book which I’m a big fan of. In this case, I used it as my base and threw in really whatever herbs I had to hand.

I toasted a some cumin and coriander seeds in a hot pan. Just as coffee is fresh when it’s freshly roasted and ground, so too are spices but really, who has the time? We do go through cumin fairly quickly so it’s usually fairly fresh but other spices less so. I just happened…

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