Every now and then we have one of those nights when cooking supper seems like a superhuman task, involving such feats as altering the space-time continuum or requiring unnatural physical endurance and strength.

For those nights, we thank the heavens for some supplies stashed away in our freezer, which we can take out and cook in a very few minutes we have to prepare and eat a meal. Malawach is one of our staples. And seriously, what can be bad about a meal made of fried dough?

In order to up the veggie content just a little bit, and help us pretend this is, indeed, a suitable meal for our children, we serve the yummy malawach with tahina (high in vitamin S, for sesame, as well as calcium). pureed tomato (high in tomato), and a yummy and fresh Israeli salad (high in salad, not to mention amazing Israeli olive oil).



What do you all do when you need an instant meal? Do you have stand-by dishes that you use often, or do you grab whatever is available?


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