Book Review: For Peace of Mind by Leenie Brown

Yes, I know this is mainly a blog about cooking, but I never promised that I wouldn’t stray. And, of course, we all need something to read while the bread is rising or while the eggplant is roasting in the oven. Consequently, I may add some book reviews every now and then, as things of interest come my way. In that vein, I was recently fortunate enough to receive an advance copy of a new novel by Leenie Brown. What follows is my honest review of this enjoyable book.

For Peace of Mind

When Elizabeth escapes to London after Mr. Collins’ unwelcome proposal, it is with the purpose of escaping her mother’s paroxysms of nerves, so that all may achieve some peace of mind. While out and about, a chance encounter gives Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy the opportunity for a fresh start. But will old threats and new dangers interfere with their Happily Ever After?

I enjoyed this book. It is very nicely written, with fresh and comfortable prose. It tells a sweet story with just enough angst to keep the pages turning. We never truly fear for our favourite couple, but there are some moments of suspense that get the heart beating just that much faster.

The gems in Ms. Brown’s novel are her characters. She shows us a side to the Bennet sisters that will surprise and delight, and Lizzy in particular is wonderful to rediscover in this new light. Under the tutelage of Ms. Brown’s pen, Lizzy becomes a dashing hero in her own right. Jane and Mary also shine in their newly revealed roles. The antagonists are deliciously nasty, but the introduction of the Gardiners’ children is a highlight that provides a terrific balance to the evil-doers.  There is some lovely dialogue throughout the book, and a few sweet romantic surprises are thrown in for good measure.

There are a few minor inconsistencies and  modern turns of phrase, but they did not interfere with my enjoyment of this sweet book. If you love P&P and want something to keep you entertained and amused on a rainy (or sunny) afternoon, this is a good choice.


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