We just returned from a wonderful, if short, visit to the city of Chicago. Chicago is on our list of Places-To-Visit-As-Often-As-Possible, and while our friends flit to places south, with palm trees and sandy beaches and drinks with those little umbrellas in them, we like to brave Old Man Winter and head west.

And, of course, every time we mention our plans, our friends ask “Why Chicago?” I can explain about the wealth of Art Deco architecture, about the wonderful sense of style the city has to offer. I can describe walking around with my neck craned as I ogle the marvellous buildings and gush on about the phenomenal Art Institute or the first-rate Field Museum. I can rave about how Chicago has made such wonderful use of its lakefront, a series of vast parks and public use land that puts Toronto to shame.

Or, I can show what I see. The following photos are hardly a comprehensive look at the city. There are few panoramic shots of the impressive skyline or of the majesty of the streetscapes up and down Michigan avenue or in the Loop. Rather, I find I’m captivated by the little details, the small gestures by the artists who created the city. For me, these are the stylistic gems that emphasize the beauty of the larger structures.  Enjoy.



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