Heads-up on a good book deal

If you read and enjoyed Ginger Monette’s Darcy’s Hope saga, you might want to check out a novel she has on sale until April 20, 2017. Tree of Life ~ Charlotte & the Colonel tells the tale of two childhood friends who find each other as adults… but is it too late?

Tree Title

I read this book too long ago to review properly now, but I do recall enjoying it very much. As always, Ms. Monette’s writing is beautiful and her story is compelling and psychologically deep.

Be warned: there is a strong religious / Christian theme running through the novel. It isn’t offensive in any way, and it is well in keeping with the time period and the characters, but I know it’s not to everyone’s tastes. I did know this when I first read the book a couple of years ago, and having that information up-front meant it wasn’t a problem at all for me. I appreciate it when authors are clear about their ideology and framework, rather than sneaking stuff in.

Regardless…. it’s a very good story and worth the time to read it! Here are some links:

More info on Facebook

Amazon US               Amazon Canada               Amazon UK


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