Ethiopian bread: Injera

I have a friend, a violinst with whom I play frequently, who has a lovely little girl she adopted from Ethiopia. Her family is also vegetarian, and we often talk about food. Naturally, the topic once turned to our forays into Ethiopian cooking, and we thought it would be fun to invite my friend and […]

The Finnishing Touch

Last week, my husband was catching up on Facebook, and remarked upon a photograph a friend posted, of a magnificent-looking loaf of festival bread. He asked what the bread was, and was told that it was Pulla, a traditional Finnish holiday bread, sweet, rich, and infused with cardamom. As bread-heads, we knew right away that […]


I make the best challah in town. (Sorry Sean!) Here’s my recipe. Challah 4 cups flour ½ TSBP instant yeast ½ TSBP table salt 2 TBSP vegetable oil 2 TBSP honey or sugar 2 eggs plus 1 yolk (save the white for brushing)  ¾ – 1 ¼ cup lukewarm water If using regular yeast, dissolve it […]