Victoria Day Along the Lakefront

Today is Victoria Day, the civic holiday which, in theory, celebrates the birthday of Queen Victoria, but which really marks the beginning of summer. And we’ve had such an awful spring that anything welcoming warm weather is so very welcome. (I do believe it snowed last week. Just sayin’.) Since today was about as perfect as […]


We just returned from a wonderful, if short, visit to the city of Chicago. Chicago is on our list of Places-To-Visit-As-Often-As-Possible, and while our friends flit to places south, with palm trees and sandy beaches and drinks with those little umbrellas in them, we like to brave Old Man Winter and head west. And, of […]

After the Storm

The year 2013 decided to go out with bang and not a whimper, as we got hit by a devastating ice storm last weekend. Much of the city lost power, and ours was out for two days. We are fortunate enough to have wonderful friends who invited us to stay with them until our power […]

Ice-covered twigs

We are expecting an ice storm tonight. It has been drizzling all day, and now the rain is getting harder and the temperature is dropping. The city is like a skating rink, all under a sheet of treacherous ice. However, the ice also coats the ends of twigs and branches, and creates these gorgeous, ephemeral […]